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  1. Introduction to Computing Student Post-Survey – May 2017 @ https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IC0517
  2. Introduction to Computing Student Exit Survey – May 2017 @ https://goo.gl/WvMggo

Hello! and a very warm welcome to my classroom blog and website.  This website is an extension of the courses that I teach at Mount Pleasant High School in Providence, RI.  It serves as a resource to help my students achieve success in meeting the objectives in my classroom.  The site includes valuable web resources and ideas to help both students and teachers integrate technology in the learning process.  Feel free to look around, post comments, and/or ask questions.

I welcome your ideas and communication.  My email address is donn.chu@ppsd.org.  Check back regularly for news and information.  Enjoy, and thanks for visiting my site.

See you soon!

Mr. Chu
Computer and Technology Support Teacher
Mount Pleasant High School
Providence, RI

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